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L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil

The warmth and comfort of a shower oil is a pleasure known mostly to winter. L'Occitane still makes the best one so while I was feeling neglected and not fully healthy, I turned my shower into a comforting moment.   The L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil is still head above the crowd when it comes to a true shower oil experience. The warmth of almonds, [...]

Goldfaden MD Wake Up Call

I'm no peaches and cream complexion but my paleness suffers greatly from pigmentation and lingering acne marks if left untreated. Goldfaden MD send me their overnight miracle worker to put it to the test.   When you're as pale as I am but not yet translucent, you probably know very well how much discolorations, redness and pigmentation shows up. It [...]

Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm Anniversary Edition

Real favorites can last a very long time and this honey infused lip balm from Nuxe is next up for blowing out 20 candles.   A personal staple for me during wintertime when wind and cold exposure really does a number on them. If you don't enjoy cracked or bleeding lips that look dried out and slivers of their summertime selves, gently exfoliate in th[...]

Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

My skin has been going through a rough patch, probably the change in weather and a few bad choices in skincare.. change meant going back to what works and calms down the skin. Basic but good were key words and a fresh jar of Egyptian Magic arrived.   Irritation was creeping up slowly and I didn't notice it till it was too late. A certain cleansing m[...]

Avène Reflex Sunprotection SPF50+

Party people, a long summer or skiing trip, most people have no time to waste carrying around sunprotection so why would you even bother? A quick and easy way to fix that is the Avène Reflex SPF50+ pocket sunscreen.   Avène Reflex Sunprotection SPF50+ is so tiny that it'll fit into your purse or back pocket, has a high SPF50+ and you got a good 50[...]

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SPF up!

Science has done it's part in showing that UV damage is the number 1 cause of premature aging. No matter where you live, the sun will damage...