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Avène Reflex Sunprotection SPF50+

Party people, a long summer or skiing trip, most people have no time to waste carrying around sunprotection so why would you even bother? A quick and easy way to fix that is the Avène Reflex SPF50+ pocket sunscreen.   Avène Reflex Sunprotection SPF50+ is so tiny that it'll fit into your purse or back pocket, has a high SPF50+ and you got a good 50[...]

Vichy Homme Idealizer

Vichy is catching up to the trend of beard growth and launches 2 new products for guys that have facial hair. You can be a frequent shaver or have the typical 3 day beard scruff, you'll need something that matches your sensitive skin.   Vichy Homme Idealizer is that first launch specifically for shaved skin, a sore patch of skin for every guys as [...]

Annayake Kuroï & Shiroï

Japanse refinement has always housed in subtle details and quality materials. Refined elegance is what many Japanese beauty brands feature and this Annayake launch is no different.   Launching a pair of perfumes are the Annayake Kuroï & Shiroï perfumes for him and her. Building on my love for tea fragrances from many years ago is Kuroï, the ma[...]

Bluebeard's Revenge Shaving Solution And Moisturizer

Shaving doesn't have to be a hassle and men that have a strong beard showing in no time need to skip the regular brands and go for something specific. Bluebeard's revenge is just that with their patented formulation that reduces beard growth over time.   I personally don't have a beard that shows in the afternoon after a fresh morning shave, but I[...]

Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

The smell of the ocean runs through my veins, making the new Jo Malone release a bullseye for a lover of salty sea air. Combining the sea salt air with wood sage and a hint of musk, we're getting your fall fragrance for a carefree mind.   That salty and mineralesk taste of sea air is hard to capture and not many have succeeded in doing so. Jo Malo[...]

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SPF up!

Science has done it's part in showing that UV damage is the number 1 cause of premature aging. No matter where you live, the sun will damage...