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Jo Malone London Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne

"What could be more British than London rain" they thought at Jo Malone. Frankly living in Belgium I can relate to that so why not let this rain inspire 4 different moods and moments throughout the city. I got my eyes set on the midnight rain, dark & seductive coming your way.   An exotic layer of scent veils, we're exploring a dark rainy mood[...]

A-Derma Rheacalm Soothing Eye Contour

Had enough of irritation and redness around the eyes? A notorious area to suffer first from stress, poor nutrition and aging. A-Derma offer a calming solution with oats and other calming agents to combat the hot, stinging and tight feeling eye area.   We all suffer from stress, tiresome days and nights, lack of proper nutrition and bad skincare choi[...]

New Arrivals & Additions

You wanted to know what it's like to receive new products? Here you go, some of the new arrivals I'm going to play around with the coming weeks. Anything you're curious about?   It's nice to know what's going on behind the scenes no doubt, I can tell from my inbox you guys & girls want to know 24/7 pretty much. I grabbed a few random bits from[...]

The Body Shop Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil

There's no denying that I have a strong affinity to facial oils -they saved me more than any expensive cream ever could- so I was first in line to get myself drenched in the latest launch from The Body Shop. An overnight oil that revives lackluster skin and is tipped off as 'beauty sleep for your skin'. Curious?   Seasons are changing and we shoul[...]

Dr Van Der Hoog Amazing Avocado Mask

A few weeks ago a "walk through town" quickly turned into a "lets buy random face masks". I swear to God it wasn't my idea but when you're surrounded & cornered in a store, you better well make the most of it. Picking out a few of this Dr Van Der Hoog range, lets start somewhere right?   A quick cleanse and application was done while we got ou[...]



Designer Spray Cans

The ‘Spray Can Concept’ design series by graphic designer Antonio Brasko presents it's latest installment. I never quite understood the fasc...

New Morning Routine

It's been a while but we're back! My face has gone through a lot of changes in products, I still haven't figured out an easy way to keep you...

A Diving Weekend

There are enough workdays in a week to never run out of things to do, yet sometimes you need a little change of scenery. That's why we took ...