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Safe to say I've been doing the skincare jig for a while now.. starting off when I was 16 and had my first encounter with pimples. Hormones raging all over the place, greasy skin, pimples, blackheads, glasses, iron in my mouth.. yeah I was your regular high school hunk. Gullible me wanted to look good just like everyone else, so where better to start than with my face? I purchased skincare from the drugstore with my saved up allowance, you can imagine what kind of products I started out with. Lots of trial and error, overly greasy products, strange stares from my parents, aggressive alcohol in "toners".. it wasn't a pretty sight but I dug in and was determined to win. Once I get my mind set on something I will get it done. Object of my desire flawless skin. I had my fun with stereotypes back then, the difficulty of buying skincare as a man and lack of budget. 11 years (jikes..) later nothing has changed. Sure brands are pushing their "for men" ranges at a rapid pace, but there's still a lot of scrutiny when it comes to taking care of your skin as a man. It makes my blood boil when I encounter prehistoric minded salespeople urging me into a small corner where the men's stuff is. Same thing goes for when they give out horrible advice, clearly reading off the package or just thinking "he's a guy, he won't know the difference". After all the marketing and hype of finally getting a new market to pawn off products, men are still left with "shave and aftershave balm". Would you like a 5-in-1 shampoo/bodywash/conditioner/mouthwash/toothpaste to go with that? I rolled my eyes and bit my tongue -still do this quite often-, something needed to be done. I started a blog to note down my ideas and opinions for a few friends to read. Without any plan of growing it out into what it is today, I just enjoyed reviewing products and not having to repeat my advice over and over. Once you're on the internet, you're out there and that little tidbit I neglected. I saw my visitor number go up, far exceeding the number of friends I had that were actively aware of my little slice of the internet. My first comment was a stranger and let me tell you.. I panicked (proud moment calling everyone asking "are you pulling my leg?').  That one first comment started a chain reaction that hasn't stopped yet. It made me question myself as to what I wanted to achieve with this experiment. I made up my mind to blog about skincare for a whole year and then reassess my goals and where I was at. Mirror Reality was born sure, but still on the lowdown. No social media or anything, just pure organic visitors and mouth to mouth, yet still I grew larger every month. Was I really catering to a market that didn't exist? Some research proved that there was nobody in Belgium doing what I was doing. Sure the female blogs talk about skincare sometimes but nobody makes it their main focus. I had excitement racing through my veins at the prospect of being the first, all these ideas (most I still haven't executed.. patience my dear) just had to be possible. As I'm writing this new "about me", we're getting closer to existing 3 years in total. I still remember all the milestones: the first comment, email with reader questions, pr contact, the first forays into twitter and shock on everyone's virtual face as they found out I was a guy, my first event, the first press days, the first contact with other bloggers.. We've come a long way since the start alright. This all is an experience you shouldn't take for granted as you start a new blog, there are thing you cannot steamroll but simply need to undergo and learn from. I made plenty of mistakes but learned from them or I wouldn't still be here. My latest incarnation is going to be a tad different. Don't worry.. I'll still focus on skincare as my main passion, there's just something about radiant/healthy skin that gets me all happy. Compare it to finding your perfect foundation shade, a purchase of your favorite lipstick.. skin is forever people. Healthy skin doesn't ever go out of style, you'll realize that as you follow my journey. Future plans with this blog you ask? I have a lot of things planned yes, it's all about timing so you'll see it as I roll it out. Until then I hope you enjoy what I have to offer.   Phil

  • where are you from?

  • Heel fijne én originele blog. Waarom zag ik dit niet eerder?! Shame on me. Chapeau 🙂

    • Phil

      Geen idee maar bij deze heb je het goedgemaakt! 😉

    • Geen idee maar bij deze heb je het goedgemaakt! 😉

  • Love it!

    • Phil

      Thanks Bart 😉

    • Thanks Bart 😉