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Something Old & Something New

Hmmm I just cannot resist a good bargain when it comes to skincare discount products!Plus as a little reward for ending my exams today, I felt like spending a little money on something I wanted. What that was going to be had yet to be determined before entering a few stores.The first product I bought was actually a 'blog buy' if you can call it that. While l[...]

New Camera

My camera has gone to hell.Ofcourse this is something that was bound to happen to me. I was having too much fun preparing mentally for my first review ever! Due to my own stupidity I frequently placed my laptopcharger right next to my camera. Now I know this is something most people know, but I just 'forgot' about the electromagnetic field. That thing m[...]

About Me

Well there's not all that much to say really..I love using skincare and I strive to look good when I grow older. Until then I try to prevent the usual culprits such as acné, ingrown hairs, dull skin, oily skin, dry skin,... the works!If you have any questions or want to request something you can reach me through ''.Phil