Learning through experience is one the best things you can do to master a certain situation, so let me tell you about how hitting the gym 5 times a week has changed my idea of grooming. With a full plate at work of all sorts of marketing responsibilities, combined with 7-8 hours of gym a week.. I get home exhausted with a streamlined process in mind, there's barely any thinking involved anymore. Long gone are the moments of pondering what to use in the bathroom, I have four products lined up to cover me from head to toe. The new L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Taurine Showergel is brilliant, a fresh and vibrantly scented gel to rid you of even the most stubborn sweat & deodorant pairing. The bottle looks great, travels well but it's hard to get a smaller amount out, it's very liquid so careful in the shower or you'll end up wasting a lot. I don't use this on my face or hair as it doesn't remove gel & wax easily, but it does make my skin super soft and refreshed. Hopping out of the shower I massage a good two pumps of the Vichy Homme Structure S moisturizer onto my damp skin. Working all the way down my neck and upper chest, it keeps my skin so moist and I look almost sweaty in the morning.. who knew this would work so well. Can't vouch for the firming effect but it does have a cooling sensation that's very welcome after a long day. Obviously being pressed for time I started using cheaper products that don't need to be guarded well against excess spilling/using it, but also work in less time consuming combinations.

I used to have masses of anti-fatigue serums in my bathroom, with a solid workout routine.. I don't have any glow issues at all! The crusade now is to find a deodorant that doesn't stain my clothing, remains fresh all day and still survive a two hour sweat marathon. I've tried 18 already and NONE of them do as they're promising, but the L'Oréal Men Expert Carbon Protect ones have surprised me in freshness, not staining clothing -if you shower daily and don't just spray extra!- and applying easily without making my armpits wet. This is the one that offers moisture absorption and it's ok, but I still prefer the blue bottle.. with an ice effect! Sweet Jesus that one keeps skin cold for 20 min easily.