The worse you look, the better it works. If you know someone that looks exhausted, just slide over one of these and watch what happens. Filorga's sleep recover is one of those tricks up my working late hours sleeve.

  Being janked out of my regular sleeping pattern by loud alarms, crying children or the cat that figured my pillow was hers now, it's not contributing to me looking or feeling well rested at all. There's only so much I can take before dark circles appear and that's just not an option in my line of work. Filorga Sleep Recover was a well timed launch a few weeks earlier, not that I was waiting for an opportunity to look exhausted. Texture wise they're on point with a creamy night balm that melts into the skin, even if it feels more like a light cream until you warm it up on the skin. It doesn't instantly sink in and makes my skin glistens being packed with hyaluronic acid, extracts from the silk tree, glycerine and other deep hydration agents. If you're familiar with the Filorga Meso Mask or most of their products, this has that typical Filorga scent. It's fresh, clean, slightly fancy dermatologist office if you ask me. The balm takes a good 5 minutes to fully absorb and then it makes my skin feel thicker, rich in moisture and velvety smooth. I love the texture but it's all about the ingrediënts here. Silk tree extract reduces the secretion of toxins and increases the productin of melatonin, better known as the sleep hormone. This cream basically puts your skin to sleep faster and then aids it to repair damage. Horse chestnut is added as a major decongesting agent that works globally on your skin. Ever noticed that the less you sleep, the more bloated your skin looks? I rarely get that but if I do it's all around my eyes. They feel swolled, puffy, tired and hard to keep open.. eyebag central! Their NCTF complex -think meso therapy injecting vitamins into the skin- that I loved so much in the Meso mask is added here to stimulate collagen production, wake up those support fibers that hold up your skin and make it look young and fresh. It really does work but it takes some time to reap the full rewards. After three nights I started feeling a difference and those pesky dark circles and blue veins faded again. The worse you look, the faster it'll show good results. It's such an easy to use product for lazy people. Just cleanse your face and apply this all over when you know you're lacking -or are about to lack- sleep and don't want the telltale signs.

------------ Filorga Sleep Recover 50ml - €55

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