While I'm quite diligent with my eating and grooming habits, I call for the need of a cheat day. One day a week where we're perfectly fine with lazy. Dialed back and really living like we just woke up flawless. If I strip it down to the bare essentials, here's what I've been relying on! It's also very travel friendly for sleepovers.

Rolling out of bed, getting my morning shake down and kicking my ass into gear on my stationary bike. 48 minutes of interval training really does get the blood flowing, so it's best to combine that moment with a mask. The Antipodes Aura mask to be precise, killing off impurities and gently hydrating without going dry. Don't even bother with cleansers beforehand, we'll be rinsing off in no time. In the shower I grab my new Aveda Invati for Men Shampoo, an exfoliating one that gets all the gunk out and prepares for the matching treatment. I hop out of the shower with damp skin, never patting dry but simply going in with the Clinique Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm. So rich in nourishing oils and butters that it's sinking in all day long. I don't even care if it looks glossy for the first 30 minutes. It keeps skin supple and at the end of the day it does what it says on the tin, comfort and radiance!