Sometimes all you need a a spray of perfume to turn your day around or better yet, start it properly! I'm weeding through my collection at the moment to give way to the freshness that is spring, leaving those intoxicating & heavy perfumes to the coolness of fall/winter and uncovering this little gem in the back. Diving into ancient Greece for inspiration had lead to the birth of quite a few unique scents in the Korres range. Their love for medicinal herbs and clean formulations spawns the masculine Korres Blue Sage - Lime - Fir Wood for guys. All you have to do is close your eyes, steady your breath and inhale deeply to let the aquatic freshness roll in. Blue sage is known as the king of herbs giving a general sweetness I didn't expect, while lime has always been like a shot of summer -must be the cocktails- to me, to have warm fir wood close ranks. It's not a heavy juice to wear so that explains my frequent applications during the day, I enjoy doing so and the endless layers don't add up to a potent repelling cloud. The Korres Blue Sage - Lime - Fir Wood Aftershave Balm expands your grooming options, using the same scent DNA as the fragrance but adding it to an energizing care formula for your freshly shaven skin. Ginseng has proven its worth as a boost for tired and freshly shaved skin, marigold soothes, witch hazel has astringent properties while the duo of aloe vera and provitamin B5 get rid of any rashes and redness. It's a light fluid texture that absorbs rapidly, rolling skincare and scent in one tube.. simplified just the way guys like it.

------------ Korres Blue Sage - Lime - Fir Wood Aftershave Balm 150ml - €19 Korres Blue Sage - Lime - Fir Wood 50ml - €39