Remember that short but sweet radiance boosting routine I had deployed while ago with the Sisley & Korres? It's time I divulge its nighttime counterpart to balances out all of that brightening action. I'm a huge fan of gentle daily exfoliation -with amazing results- but people tend to forget that you need proper sunprotection during the day and secondly, you need to give your skin a breather at night so it can recover from everything you're putting it through. Using too many gentle brightening chemicals and washcloths can drive you to the point where even water turns you bright red, be it at a slower pace but I learned that the hard way. Diving into what can only be described as a small walk-in closet Sephora/pharmacy, I switched out some of those overnight treats in favor of the La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit, designed for allergic skin that needs a moment of détente. I apply this one generously after a peeling mask just to negate that sensitivity and redness faster, works like a charm. On regular days I stick to the hydration hero that is Garancia Tomate Diabolique Rich Cream, a potent cream soaked in tomato lycopene extract, hyaluronic acid, dragon's blood and shea butter. Boy does this one not only plump up your skin but give an overnight facial effect minus the greasy look of 10 product layered to perfection. For night-time cleansing I stick to my beloved Antipodes Juliet Cleanser, rich in kiwi fruit and other antioxidants to gently purify the day away. Such a delicious scent and creamy foam that makes my skin feel like alabaster once I'm done. I simply can't get enough of this as a first or second cleanse. What does your night-time routine look like?

------------ Antipodes Juliet Cleanser 200ml - €30 La Roche Posay Toleriane Ultra Nuit 40ml - €20.50 Garancia Tomate Diabolique Rich Cream 30ml - €40