The French have figured out that in order to maintain their effortless chic appearance, it's all down to taking good care of your skin. You've seen the endless snapshots of their bathrooms, showcasing their extremely simplified routines to the highly advanced facialists on every streetcorner. Their secret isn't all bathroom antics, part of it is found in their supplement cabinet! If you were to enjoy a great complexion, would you enjoy this savoir faire and take a small but potent nutricosmetic?  Oenobiol Joli Teint is one of the latest in a long line of skin enhancing dietary supplements, using all natural extracts to boost skin health and color. The formula contains a complex of 5 skin boosters that progressively bronze your complexion from the inside out. It's brilliant if you want a golden tan all year round without the hassle of selftanners and streaks of orange covering your body.

Oenobiol Joli Teint contains zeaxanthine for a progressive bronze effect, astaxanthine & curcuma for their antioxidant rich content, lutein and lycopean extract from tomatoes. Don't fear, they didn't add the typical beta-carotene that might turn you orange and it's only 1 capsule a day. I've been taking mine for almost 2 months now and I can say it does give the most wonderful all over soft bronze effect without needing any sun -not that there's any present in the first place-, just take 1 daily with breakfast. First results are noticable after 1 months, but in order to fully break free from milky white it'll take 2 months. Don't forget to SPF up, this is not a replacement for sunprotection.

Oenobiol Joli Teint 30 capsules - €22