It's been a few weeks now since I took off the training wheels and level'd up my fitness efforts by tracking them. It's a simple concept but if you're putting in the work, it's quite handy to know just how your body is reacting to all of the sweat and muscle burning. The Polar Fitness Tracker A360 is a lifestyle gadget that doubles up as a workout tracker to stimulate your active lifestyle, a healthy dose of daily movement and getting back in shape the easy way. As it monitors your heart rate non-stop, this is the perfect buddy to transition from daily life into an evening workout session. The key bit about this tracker is that it includes the optical heart rate, turning the results more in-dept and determining your acquired benefits. Different heart rates improve different aspects of your health, you can work for a stronger muscle, bigger one, burn fat, work on your stamina, .. it's key to know what you're actually doing.

The easy bit is wearing the watch all day long, feeling it vibrate three times if you've been seated for over an hour, giving you notice to take a stroll, get some water or fresh air. Takes some getting used to at first but in no time you find yourself getting up on your own accord. Once at the gym I simply select my workout of the day -usually weights- and just start, the Polar keeping track of duration but also heart rates and calories burned. You can tell exactly how intense an exercise is for your body, making progress a whole lot easier. It sure made my gym time more effective rather than longer. Fully charged it lasts half a week for me and you charge it in an hour, or just plug it into your USB port to charge it as you upload workout data. There's software available for your smartphone and PC that helps you monitor your progress, making the whole concept of an active lifestyle so easy. It even tracks your sleeping hours, giving exactly the time of deep & restless sleep you've had.. signaling a tiresome day way before it starts.

After 1 month of trying it out I stopped using it to see if I would miss it and I do! Don't get me wrong, it's expensive and when you first start out with a healthier lifestyle, I wouldn't get this model until you're sure you've gotten into the groove. Once you do.. you really need to get a Polar to keep track of it all. Pair this watch with daily exercise, eating healthy, plenty of water and you will see a lot healthier results than with just a diet alone! Forget about counting calories during your meals and get moving.

Polar Fitness Tracker A360 - €189

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