Unlike the comfort of "winter is coming", summer calls for a less thick wardrobe and there's no more hiding that body in endless layers of fabric. Getting summer ready is a huge thing for this beauty industry and I could shower you in endless cellulite products, tightening, firming, lifting, bronzing and whatnot products.. but the main idea is that you still need a solid base to start from. Getting your ass to the gym is one thing, but being active during the day or going for a quick run never killed anyone. With the weather this pleasant when I get home, I quickly put on my running shoes and hit the beaten path in the nearby forest. I have a marketing desk job by day so there's not a whole lot of running involved, but I make up for that in the evening. I do however add a thin layer of sun protection before I go out, in this case a very lightweight and rapid absorbing ISDN Photoprotector Fusion Gel. This stuff is brilliant if you want to add protection at a time like me, or simply want a very thin gel layer with a high SPF. I burn very crispy in those first rays of sun but not with this bad boy. Shake it up, pat it in and you're done.. they do so many innovative textures beyond the classic cream and milk. Worth keeping an eye on their global expansion plans. Now guys probably know this but adding deodorant on top of "day old" deodorant can be a little bit of a problem. Especially during workouts or sweating situations it'll activate your deodorant and that's where the magic or horror happens. This Adidas Anti-Perspirant contains no alcohol or aluminum salts, giving optimal protection and tolerance. It's crazy how good this smells, how it doesn't stain clothes and yet keeps you dry. Is it the cotton tech or simply the lack of a classic formula, I don't know. I just know it works great for me. Too bad they didn't add a locking mechanism like other brands, this'll be tricky to keep in a gym bag.