Hair loss is the bane of our existence as a man. When you boil all of the grooming market down to it, it's shaving stuff and making sure you have a full head of hair as you grow older. Having a few friends that actually struggle with bad genetics, while others experience hair loss due to stressful jobs, junk food, lack of vitamins & minerals, wearing caps, over-styling and whatnot. Vichy Dercos Neogenic Gel-Fluid is made for guys and specifically those that want a quick, easy and effective way to safeguard their lush mane. The patented Stemoxydine at 5% will cause you to gain (on average) a good 1700 hairs in 3 months. It might not seem like a lot until your scalp starts showing.. 1700 is a world of difference. I like the gel format a lot more than a small bottles, mostly due to the ease of use and travel convenience. Just a few pumps -they say 12, I use 6 locally- massaged daily into your scalp with fingertips, I love the instant volume this gives. I can even get away with this as a styling product on its own without the need of a wax or pomade. It takes a good 3 months before results start appearing properly so most guys should use this as a prevention grooming staple. If you really want to go all out, add in the Vichy Neogenic Shampoo because in the end all the little bits add up. Even if mother nature hasn't figured out that it's spring yet, the Apivita Aqua Vita Intense Moisturizing & Revitalizing Serum caters to that early dehydration and first signs of aging. A new and natural alternative to the many hydration serums out there, this one uses chaste tree extracts combined with hyaluronic acid, honey, aloe vera, olive oil, propolis, oat extract and lecithin to keep moisture levels up and parched raisin face at bay. It's quite sticky if you ask me so get a moisturizer on top quickly to remedy that sensation, the scent however is godly! It's got a very subtle fresh, geranium scent mixed with something you can only describe as mild. They're upping their game with the packaging and formulations, so the price reflects that. It works to keep my skin plump and that says something.. but it's not cheap. I can't really vouch for the anti-aging bit because I'm doing the gym, supplements, healthy good trifecta combined with skincare. My skin didn't look worse or better so I take it that it has some effect.

------------ Vichy Dercos Neogenic Gel-Fluid 4x42ml - €90 Apivita Aqua Vita Intense Moisturizing & Revitalizing Serum 30ml - €40