Filed under must haves as a guy is a proper shower gel. The rules of engagement with shower products are as followed. While required for proper hygiene, ultimately, it can be detrimental for good skin. Particularly for our bodies as they suffer from harsh cleansing agents, copious amounts of fragrance added to formulations and improper usage from the get go. If you're going to lather up so often, why not go for a natural, nourishing and non-disruptive formula? That's exactly what the Weleda Men Active Shower Gel stands for.

Most guys have their shower habits laid bare at the gym. From the stuff they picked up after seeing a commercial, being the brightest/cheapest item on the shelves to whatever their girlfriends picked up. The entire whatever is fine idea causes dry and irritated skin in no time. They've learned not to complain about itching or dryness but it's still there, mainly caused by the massive amount of foam and fragrance. When looking at ingredients it's always best to prefer minimal, which are gentler than purely chemical formulas. Weleda's latest uses natural surfactants derived from coconut and sugar to cleanse. With 100% natural ingredients and a fresh energizing rosemary scent, it foams up lightly and rinses off leaving skin refreshed. The lactic acid added to the formula help to maintain moisture levels in the skin, preventing that well known itching/dryness sensation, while vitamin E provides antioxidants to the skin. The easiest way for me to use this is with a washcloth, knowing it won't foam up like crazy yet still works effectively.

Know that if you're an active man, your need to shield sensitive skin from harsh chemicals and frequent showers. A hydrating and comforting formula is no luxury so treat yourself. If you're going to lather up often, it's worth looking at better formulations that add benefits to the largest organ of our body.